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 Original Message to CGS

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Adam H
Adam H

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PostSubject: Original Message to CGS   Mon Oct 12, 2009 6:57 pm

Hi all!

To those of you who have come to the meeting this evening, thank you
for coming and contributing. To those of you who couldn't make it for
various reasons, don't worry, we haven't kicked you out of the
society... yet. XD And to those who have written to me, sorry I
haven't answered yet, but this general e-mail should cover everything
you might have asked.

Well, here is what came up during the meeting:

-Secretary/Treasurer nomination: We have nominated Adam Polanski as
Secretary, John Polanski as Treasurer, and Constance Caskie as Social
Secretary. Wish them good luck for their duties at the society.

-When and Where the meetings shall be held: We have decided, for the
moment, to have two meetings, one on Monday from 7pm till 10pm (place
currently unknown, we will inform you once we know about it), and the
other on Saturday, in Committee Room I of the Union (unless something
happens that makes us decide otherwise, for the room at least.) from
6pm till 10pm. Unless we can manage to get TV's and consoles in
whatever rooms we are assigned for the Monday meeting, it is most
likely that we shall be using consoles only on the Saturday meeting.

By the way, if people on the Computer Sciences course could tell me
who to contact to get a room in their department, and if they have
some hardware stuff (TV's, consoles, gamepads, but especially TV's)
they could lend us, please contact me about it. Also, if anyone knows
how to use a projector as a screen for console gaming, if you could
please tell me how to do so, that would be much appreciated.

-Assets: The society currently owns an X-box, with two gamepads, Dead
or Alive 3, a dancing mat, Guitar Hero, a TV, no bank account, and any
previous money the society has in the hands of the former Treasurer.
At least, these are the assets I could identify when I had a look in
the storeroom at the Union this Monday. We will try and find out from
the former members of the CGS committee if these are the assets we
actually have, and where the money previously owned by the society is.
People present at the meeting say that they can lend us an X-Box 360
with 4 gamepads, PS2's with gamepads, games for these consoles, and 2
extra TV's (and probably some multiple sockets). If anyone has
anything to add to the stuff we can currently get our hands on, please
inform me, the Secretary (adampolanski@hotmail.co.uk), or the
Treasurer (polanskers@hotmail.co.uk) about the exact amount of
hardware (and possibly a list of games), that you can lend (on a
meeting-by-meeting basis or on a yearly basis) to the society. My
advice to you guys who are lending is to put tags on your stuff, so
that they can be recognized and returned.

-Advertizing: We still haven't got any ideas for the poster, but quite
frankly, we have enough people to skip this phase entirely, although a
different design will be needed for next year's poster. As for the
Bridgelink event on Wednesday to Friday, we need people to help us man
the table from 11.30am to at least 12.20pm, but preferably up to
4.30pm, especially on Thursday and Friday, since I believe those who
were present at the meeting are available only after that time. As for
me, I will present all of Wednesday, and a couple of hours for
Thursday and Friday.

As for the Bridgelink event, we will be available for anyone that
wants to join, so if you know people that would like to join, please
tell them about this event. On this occasion we shall also be
collecting the subscription fee, so those of you that are already on
the list, please come by to pay. Subscription fee is currently set at
3£. I assume we shall be next to the Sci-Fi and Fantasy society and/or
near the Anime and Manga society, if you want to locate us.

If all goes well, I will be seeing you at our first meeting, in
Committee Room I at the Union (next to the Box office), on Saturday
17th, from 6pm till 10pm. May I remind you to bring your laptops with
a fully charged battery, or multiple sockets, to the meeting. Those of
you that can bring in consoles, TV's, other hardware and games, bring
all that you possibly can, as long as you tell me beforehand. Those of
you that will bring your laptops, you can try and download the 'Battle
For Wesnoth' game from this site: http://www.wesnoth.org/

It's a
high-fantasy strategy turn based game, which is easily downloadable,
is completely free, has multiplayer, and works on all PC platforms
(Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). It's just so that we can have a common
game to play between each other on PC, until a better alternative that
can be shared is available (read: Unreal Tournament 99 and 2004.).

By the way, does anyone own a MMORPG account on any game? It could be
an interesting idea, if a few people have the same game, if we could
set up
a society guild to help people, compete against each other, and maybe
participate in some official tournaments to win cash prizes (for those
games that actually do so, that is.) I know some people have World of
Warcraft, and I have a Guild Wars account, so tell me what you think
about this idea, and we shall see what we can do.

That's all for now. Cheers!

Thy-Robocop (aka Robert Henry Bianchini)
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PostSubject: Re: Original Message to CGS   Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:52 pm

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Original Message to CGS
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