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 Eve-Online 3 buddy friends requests to send away this month

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PostSubject: Eve-Online 3 buddy friends requests to send away this month   Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:06 pm

A few of you might know that I play it. And heres your chance to join me in our epic PvP pirating corp. We sail the space seas setting fire to all those who oppose us, except those guys that hunt us like animals when they feel like it.

Yes, come join. I can do a special "Buddy program" thing that basically lets you get an extra week play, 21 days max, than the normal trial. Thats a whole 3/4ths of a month people!

Also, if you subscribe to it I get a month free : D

note: I can only send 3 buddy invites a month. So get them while their hot! (I need your email to send them too aswell, if you've already posted it up at the super secret members place then I'll get it from there.)

End of comms.
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Eve-Online 3 buddy friends requests to send away this month
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